About The Potter

Mike Taylor

I make intimate objects for use in the daily rituals of life. It is my contemporary reflection of a very old artistic tradition though the medium of clay.

Using my own unique clay I form objects and decorate with colors of slip and glazes, I fire in a wood burning kiln named, "Seraphina" (Goddess of Fire). She is a 80 cubic foot fast fire, catenary arch kiln. No two firings are exactly the same. Each individual pot has its own identity.

I take my influences from the Asian ceramic tradition and the geology of the earth. One of my favorite places on earth, Pictured Rocks, exposes the wonderful erosion of surface rocks as well as material deposits of color and bleeding oxides through the constant weathering of the surface.

This collection represents my forty years of experience and teaching in the ceramic field. Thank you for sharing my vision.

Mike Taylor


Mike Taylor Wood fired potter

Photo credit: Evan Rogers